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Brochure Design

Believe it or not, but the fact is that the digitally-driven world of marketing has left the audience feeling drained. Brands are shouting, chasing and even stalking enough to be heard. And, that’s where we need a break! We want such brands to stop and shout out loud, “Give us a break!!!” with frowning faces. We literally want them to stop flashing their products and services in front of our eyes.

No one can deny the importance of digital marketing; but at the same time it has led to a fierce competition in the marketplace. It has even become tougher to grab the customers’ attention as either they’re turning away from their screens or choosing some other brands over yours. In such a case, marketing brochures turn out to be the best marketing tool.
Here are a few statistics from Bentley University that answer the question, “Are brochures still relevant?”
7 out of 10 tourists, as well as visitors, tend to pick up brochures
95% visitors that obtain brochures become aware of a business
80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures.These stats clearly show that brochures are nothing less than a novelty in today’s paperless- world.

Why Brochures are important for your Business?


Small startups and SMEs hardly have a budget dedicated for marketing their products and services. They need to circulate their branding efforts on a tight budget. As compared to online marketing tools, brochures are cost-effective marketing options. You can work with a professional designer to create budget-friendly brochure designs. In case you buy these handy booklets in bulk, the price will decrease significantly. There are many businesses out there who participate in trade shows or use email promotions purchase brochures in bulk.

Reach Target Audience

A marketing brochure ensures to reach your target customers, as long as you have their correct address. Well, you can specifically target your online prospects too. But there is a problem that your ads could go unnoticed or largely ignored. However, a brochure placed through the doors of your prospects hardly gets unnoticed. Its potential is unrivaled as well.The possibility of reaching your prospects also increases during networking events. While most networking events include a general gathering and chit-chat, your brochures make sure your brand stays in the mind of attendees. The materiality of your marketing brochure helps them recall your brand as well.


When it comes to digital ads, they come with length and character limitations. For example, a PPC ad has 30-30-80 character count limitation (2 headlines up to 30 characters, one description up to 80 characters). A single Facebook image ad consists up to 25 characters headline and one description of up to 125 characters while an Instagram ad features 2200 characters with just two lines and maximum 30 hashtags.However, a brochure gives more space to describe your company or products and services. There is no length or character limitation if you choose a professional flyer design to market your products or services.

Perfect For Promotional Offers

Brochures work as a powerful promotional tool as they can contain tear-off offers or coupons. They can be used to advertise a limited-time only offer or promotional campaign effectively.

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